Arbeloa: played 1 match in Euro 2008, played 1 match as substitute in World Cup 2010, played all matches in Euro 2012, no goals
Albiol: played 2 matches in Euro 2008, played 0 matches in World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012, no goals
- won two Euros and a World Cup

Villa: played 4 matches in Euro 2008, six goals in qualification, top scorer of the tournament with four goals, played all matches in World Cup 2010, seven goals in qualification, five goals and one assist, seven goals in Euro 2012 qualification, Spain's record goalscorer

- won a Euro and a World Cup


Why DV7 is underrated:
- he won only one Euro
- he didn't score the goal in the World Cup final and therefore gets no recognition despite taking the team to the semi final on his own
- he just missed out on the Golden Boot 
- he only received the Bronze Ball of the World Cup 2010
- he missed nine months and didn't score as much ever since because he couldn't return to his full form after the injury (Why did it have to happen?)
- he didn't play the first two matches in the World Cup 2014
- he never reached 100 caps and is one goal away from 60 international as well as 10 World Cup goals.

Why he should have played in the World Cup 2014:
- he's the record goalscorer and also scored the most goals for Spain in World Cups.
- he is the reason why Spain reached the semi finals in 2010 as he was involved in all goals until then.
- he deserved to achieve the 60th international and 10th World Cup goal.