Spain Reaction

Euro 2008

Torres seems to work better with another striker in the national team, so since he's a fixed starter, Villa's recovery is a godsend.
Spain better win this one, and thus top the group. There's much bigger things at stake than national pride. I'm gambling on it.

He was injured?

I don't see how Spain could lose this.

I see many ways how Spain could lose this match actually, especially if the team play like it did in the last two matches. Russia has improved a lot as well.

This match is the most crucial one for the Furia Roja. Russia will not be easy and Guus Hiddink knows how Spain plays and with the expectation that Spain will win this match hands down, the pressure will be on Spain and not Russia to bag these three points and to then focus on Greece and Sweden. I believe that if Spain does not get the win against Russia that as usual the nerves will undo the Furia Roja going into the Greece and Sweden matches.
I just don't want to see La Furia sitting on a 1-0 lead much like they did against France in WC 2006, they need to bag the goals as soon as possible and resolve the match in the first half.

Don't you worry

Superior quality finishes is what separates these two teams.

75th minute, hat-trick by Villa Villa 3 Russia 0

4-1, great match by Spain and Villa.

If there's ever been a Spanish team that can pull of a victory, it's this one. I like our team.

Congratulations to España for never giving up, your team has by far been my favourite in this cup because out of all teams, Spain embraces the possession and attacking grace of juga bonita like no other. All hail San Iker!

So happy we made it to the semi finals

Congrats Spain, all the best for your semi final with Russia.
You deserved to win, you were the better team throughout the 120 minutes. 

Y'all better go all the way now!
Viva España!

Awesome. I've always had a lot of respect for the Spain national team and I really want you guys to be this year's champion. You deserve it!

First things first, i. e. getting to the final.

Yellow jerseys?

They're golden jerseys, golden!

More like piss yellow :S

NOOOOO, Villa goes off because of an injury, Cesc comes on.

I am happy to see Cesc on the field but worried that Villa is gone. Not good news

Without Villa you take away the deadly finishing, Torres will need a couple of chances to score a goal.


Guiza in a couple of minutes does what Torres couldn't do in half the match

Spain walking over Russia with tiki taka

No one can withstand Spain's red fury B)

Congrats to all the true Spanish fans. You know who you are

Villa is out of the final


Remember, don't get too overconfident. That could be Spain's downfall.

Sad to see him not playing the biggest match of his career as well as his nation's biggest match since the Euro 84.

His last match in a Euro EVER had to end like THIS

Too bad about Villa.
It would be funny if he won the golden boot considering he hasn't even played two and a half matches in this tournament.

He did though

Torres better f*cking step up.

He's been a shadow of himself.

And Spain can't expect to beat Germany without him playing well.

Yet he'll score...

We have done pretty well with Torres playing like crap.

More like he should actually show up. I don't know who this guy in the #9 shirt is.

If we win over Germany on penalties... I will thank Casillas

I miss Villa already

Me too

So happy that Spain made it to the finals. Brilliant second half performance against Russia. The best part was that we convincingly won without Villa and Torres (I am pretending that guy was an el niño imposter)
Now we simply have to win the cup. Runners-up would mean nothing. Against the Germans I want to see our midfield and defence playing like they did against Russia or even better. As for Torres, be better damn wake up. It's a big blow that Villa is out as I have always believed that he is the more reliable striker of the two. Anyway, the weight is on Torres' shoulders and it's now up to him to deliver.
Let's win the cup and bring back glory to the Spanish national team. Viva España!

Felicidades from Germany! The Spanish team has played an amazing tournament so far, and one can only be impressed with how comfortably you beat a great Russian side (twice). I thought you might do well this competition, and yet it is surprising how well you are playing! Kudos to you!
I was rooting for Spain until now, a habit I will of course abandon in the final. But if there's one team I could live with winning the cup instead of Germany, it's definitely Spain! Bearing in mind how bad we played against Turkey, it's fair to say that you are the clear favourites to win the title.
Let's all enjoy the occasion and hopefully an entertaining match between two great sides. Cheers!

Well, I turned a traitor during the final

I hope Torres has a good match and shows what he's capable of doing.

Spain, win it all tomorrow. You deserve it and please don't only win for the Spanish people, but also for lovers of beautiful, attacking football.

Well deserved! Some of the most beautiful football I watched in the tournament. Well done!

Congratulations from an Italian! You really did deserve to win this tournament, you played some great football, and ultimately, you came out on top. At least Italy lost to the champions.

We won and no one will ever take this away from us. Campeones 2008. I wish I was in Spain right now. No words!

Congratulations to Spain. Your team of talents lit up this tournament and were deserved winners. Savour the historic victory

Congrats to Spain for their second European Championship, fully deserved win from some young talented players.
I hope a European team wins the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, would not mind if it was Spain.

Congrats to Spain, the best team of the tournament and the kings of Europe for the next four years.

So happy for Spain and to finally see them won something big! I've been along for the ride watching them since 1994 and lived through some gut wretching moments. But last night at home with some Spanish family members a dream came true for me.

I'm a bit late, but: Congratulations, Spaniards! Your team was better and indubitably the best of the whole tournament. You are European champions, and with complete justice.

I told you guys, Casillas is such a nice guy, he shut out the Germans to make sure Villa takes the Golden Boot


World Cup 2010

I hate that we have to wait so long after the tournament has started to see Spain's first match...

Piqué! So close.

Great run, but Villa just lost it at the end. Damn, that could have been something.
First time the Swiss defense broke down.
Why didn't Villa just shoot?

That was a great move by Spain. So far they'br looked great in possession, but haven't penetrated enough.

I think Spain vs. Chile will be a goal fest. At least I hope it will be.

Wow, unexpected Swiss goal!

Ugly and nasty goal, prepare for the maximum power bunker.

Brazil will lose its last match now to dodge Spain.

Most likely they will get Spain now. Funny how things work. WC is always full of surprises.

Not that it matters, but the Swiss goal was offside. I thought it when I saw the replay as well, but then a draw or loss are equally disappointing in my opinion.


The next couple of weeks are going to be great.

If Chile doesn't bunker it works in Spain's favour.
Then again, we need the real Villa to appear, ya know.

Oh, he will B)

Anything other than a win in this match sends us home. I don't care if we win large or small, if we win pretty or ugly, just get the win.

Que golazo!
Villa Maravilla

What a goal!

One of the best goals of the WC!
Great, Villa! Here comes the first one.

It's a good goal, yes... But what makes it one of the best?

One of the best (if not the best) goals of the tournament so far.

I prefer his goal against Chile.

Villa was stupid there, could have been sent off.

Other than the one moment of brilliance of Villa, Spain's attack doesn't look much better than against Switzerland. But the way Honduras is defending, I don't see how the score is still 1-0.

I'm surprised people aren't commenting about Villa literally hitting the Honduran defender in the face. Does no one else think that should have been at least a yellow? I'm pretty sure he cleated the guy directly before or after, it was obviously intentional. Strange that no one on here really said anything about it...

Clearly intentional... Lol, it wasn't, see his reaction. The Honduran player trod on him before.

It was a slap after the Honduran stood on his food.

Thank you!

Spain could easily be 5-0 up (and I'm not counting two legitimate penalty claims) Say all you want, but I really want to avoid Spain in the round of sixteen.

If Torres finished better, it would have been a bigger score. Honduras has not left their bunker mode, but they need to in the second half.

Previously, the Honduran player stomp on Villa's foot on purpose (You can see in the replay) I'd have sent both off.

Phew, that needed second goal finally arrives.

Spain actually looked bad so far this half, but Villa rescues them

Penalty and it's going to be 3-0.

Villa for hat-trick on the PK!
What a miss! That could become big if they don't score more goals.

How could he?

Gol, gol, goool, 3-0 España. David Villa hat-trick.
Damn... He missed it.

Villa blemishes an otherwise huge performance.
Pity, we could've used that goal in case the Swiss decide to finally attack in the third match.

And just like that, they catch Honduras sleeping and almost get the third score.

Cesc almost scores on his first shot.

Villa WTF?

Does Villa have a confidence problem? He should have just tapped in with his left foot.

The missed penalty killed it.

Dammit, I predicted 3-0. Come on, Spain, finish for one more.

If only he didn't miss...

That missed penalty had to hurt, didn't it?

My biggest fear is that the best collection of talent ever for Spain is going to get wasted.

Outside of Villa, total absence of killer instinct in the box.
Torres looks very off.
Mata played well in the left flank.
Overall, not impressed.

The group I was watching the match with were pretty annoyed by the win, which days how much this should have been a high scoring match. Can't believe Villa missed his penalty. I was yelling for Torres to be subbed after around 30 minutes. Navas to me hasn't been providing much. Something needs to be changed with this team.

I must say about Villa, he seemed to not have given up trying to give Torres a shot at goal. Kept passing to him when he had the chance. Though I think he should have given Torres the penalty kick to up his confidence.

There's a Dutch commentator on one of the football shows here who was pretty much in love with how Spain played, somehow I didn't see it. We created a lot of chances against Honduras, but didn't make the scoreline reflect our dominance on the field.
The amount of 100% chances which were completely destroyed is worrying me. Del Bosque is worrying me. That Busquets is a  must have definite starter in this team that he would rather take out Xavi for Cesc against Honduras (!) is worrying me. That we could lose Villa through one of the dumbest acts of a Spanish player in a tournament ever, and be left with Torres in the attack worries me more than all the other. 
We should have scored a lot more goals that we would be able to go more relaxed into the next match, the Swiss only have to score one goal more than us in the next match and then a coin toss could decide who will go through.

Imagine you lost him. The tournament would have been over for you.

Sincerely, I don't think Villa will be punished, but if he does, it would be another stupid decision by the FIFA, since his fault, although existent, wasn't severe, his actions resembled as many actions that always occur during a match, and I sincerely wish to see Spain and Chile complete for their final decisive match for the joy of having a wonderful match next Friday

We have to do better against Chile if we want to advance.

The blue jerseys are cool, but white pants?
Anyway, I miss the golden kit.

Hell no. Blue > yellow.

The one that looked like they just pissed their pants?

Made my day *laughs*

These jerseys are awesome.

I have faith
Vamos la Roj... eeeh, el azul!

Yeah, those Spain jerseys are cool.
I had to buy one. Got one with Alonso 14 printed.

Why not Villa 7?

I like the golden lettering. Not too gaudy, just shiny enough.

Villa Maravilla!
Stupid move by the keeper.

Villa! Villa! Torres can't buy a goal, but he was key to this one.

Wow, great goal by David Villa!

Indeed B)

Jesus, he hit it very well. Didn't even stop to control the ball, right away with the kick towards the goal with this ball.

With his "weak" left foot B)

That was some cold-blooded finishing there.

Horrible miscalculation by Bravo, a highlight reel by Villa.

Chile are shook, yo.

Estrada should have gotten a second yellow for that.

The ref will make up for it.

Torres aborted this nice counter all by himself.

Spain's midfield are beasting matters so far.

That should have been a Spanish PK.
But there's a goal from Iniesta.
Chile is in real trouble now.

Chile started off the better team, I think Villa's goal killed their spirit.

Who wouldn't be killed by THAT goal though? B) 

The Spain of Euro 2008, the Spain that beat Poland 6-0, the Spain with the amazing winning streak is apparently coming back. Lovely exchange of passes for a surgically precise shot and goal #2.
And a Chilean player gets his second yellow, down to ten.

Midfield beastdom. It's all gone to manure for Chile.

At some point Estrada would have gotten the second yellow card anyway. Hardly seen a player be this stupid after his first yellow.

Quit crying about the sending off. Chile should have already had a player sent off before that  even happened. Now it's kind of how it should be. Down one man.

It looks like Iniesta is the X-Factor for Spain, he is beasting.

Wow! A stroke of luck.

Seems like a matter of time for the 3-1 at this point.

Aaah, if only he had hit the ball that could have been Villa's second.

Come on, one more goal for us! If not for my pool, then for the ease of mind.

I think what Spain is missing is that killer instinct. They have the players to do it. But they just play too calm.
Although Villa had a tough match, he was still able to score so I gotta give him some props for that.

Let me be the first to congratulate Chile for the advancement. You guys deserve it more than the Swiss. I'll root for you against Brazil.
Our Spain has a lot to improve. But they deserved the victory. Yes, Chile might have scored if they went on attacking. But Spain would have also scored several more.

One thing I'm concerned about as a Spanish fan is our dependence on Villa for scoring. Here's hoping Iniesta gets back into form.

Yeah, Villa is not hitting what he should. He should have five or six by now, but only has three. On that end, both Iniesta and Torres should have two or three.

At least four including the missed penalty.

Battle of the Iberian peninsula.

Great match. They will leave it all on the field.

If I was neutral, I'd probably be fascinated by the ways things have gone.
Instead, I'm a nervous wreck.

Jesus, David Villa is a machine. Great low shot, from the left yet again.

Yes, he is B)

OMG, Llorente! That's why VDB brought him in!

Wow, see that ball curve from Villa?

Spain with two almost goals in a row.

Villa B)

That's a golazo, nice!

Not really...

And Villa with the follow up, wow.

Villa is such a monster.

God, I yelled so loud my throat hurts.

Same here, we were all hugging, jumping and screaming like little kids.

Go Spain!
You're my second favorite remaining European team!

Chance of offside on the goal? Looked very close...

Villa is a national hero.

Sadly, nobody considers him as one.

Villa was offside on the goal. It was extremely close though.

Villa is having a field day

Thank god, that was tense. Llorente's addition made the difference, shame he couldn't score.

Congratulations to Spain and their fans!
The better team won today, simple as that.

The Portuguese are crying about a supposed offside.
My god, such sore losers. Pathetic. Just trash.
Good they lost.

I've been saying this a lot of times: Llorente has to come in. Torres is not ready.
Guess what? Game changer. Llorente had two good chances and opened up the D because now we had a threat at the #9 position.

He was very good, and his strengh up top was impressive. He was able to physically fend off defenders with his height and power.

Congratulations. The best team won today. I hope you make it all the way through the final. I'll be cheering for you guys. 
Again, congratulations for a well deserved win.

Thanks, that's some good sportmanship. Good luck in the future.

I still think that first goal was offside.

An offside is not called if it's a close call.

Looking from the AR's point of view I'm betting he didn't see Xavi touch the ball on the way to Villa. The initial pass from Iniesta, Villa was well onside, when Xavi touched it I think Villa was slightly offside. I think it's a tough call for the AR to make in that position.

Deserved win by Spain!
Maybe the goal was a tiny bit offside but not enough to complain about I'd say.
In doubtful situations like this you have to give the advantage to the attacking team.

I consider David Villa a star and think he has been the best player in the World Cup.

Yes, he's been right up there. Top class international, one of the best five strikers in the world for sure.

Right now, the best.

I just hope the match doesn't end up as boring as I fear it might. Otherwise, Spain is definitely the much better side and - unless it has one of those days where it can't show its normal creativity or suffers from a leg of finishing touch - it should win by two goals. In fact, 2-0 for Spain is my prediction.

Spain as the visitor will be wearing their second uniforms which is the blue jersey but unlike the Chile match will also be wearing blue shorts and socks.

Looks a lot classier in all-blue.

They are actually known as La Furia Roja but the journalists are getting lazier by the day and have now started calling them La Roja which is the actual nickname for Chile's national team.
Us old timers will continue to call them La Furia Roja, a nickname they earned in the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, or Amberes in Spanish, where they won the silver medal.

I hope Spain goes into this match with the right frame of mind. Paraguay is no pushover.
I'm disappointed to hear Torres is going to start again. The guy has been worthless during this tournament. Hopefully Villa can continue to carry this team on his shoulders.

I'm nervous about this match. I hope Torres finally finds his form (I don't have much faith in that though) because Villa can't win every match for Spain.
Either way, I hope the Spaniards aren't looking past Paraguay.

He can!

Sweet. Spain are wearing those nice looking away jerseys

Beautiful passing from Spain.

First really nice chance of the match for Spain.

Fantastic effort from Xavi.

He's not offside. Goal!

Good thing the guy standing offside was trying to participate in the game by trying to head the goal, because the one that scored wasn't offside.

Good call. He didn't touch the ball but he interfered with an opponent.

The player who tried to head the ball was offside, and by trying to play the ball (even though he missed) he interfered with the play. Offside.

Agreed that it was offside, Cardozo was and Valdez wasn't. Cordozo goes to play the ball and thus interferes with the play so it was offside. Very good call when you look at it.

Disagreed with the call at first, but it was the right call. If Cardozo hadn't jumped, Paraguay would have had a case.

He absolutely interfered by going to play the ball, that could have set a series of actions in motion where the defender leaves Valdez alone and thus he gets the ball in a goalscoring position. That call was absolutely right.

He jumped for the ball and missed a few feet in front of the other guy, drawing the Spanish player with him. 
You guys need to learn what passive offside means, it means NOT interfering in the play by NOT trying to play the ball. He tried to play the ball. End of discussion.

Good lord!
Clear penalty by Piqué.

Wow, what a call for Paraguay. It looked legit though I've seen others not called.

Big save.

Iker just huge.

Hot damn!
What do you Madridistas call him? San Iker?
And another penalty for Villa.

He should have taken it to make up for the missed one.

And another PK on the way, Alcaraz yellow card, should have been red.

Shouldn't that be a red card?

What an amazing turn of events
Whoops, retake
Errr, what an amazing turn

Nope, retake it, this is nuts. This is just crazy. Lol, what? How is that encroachment. Come on...

Spain up on the penalty. What's happening now?
Retake for encroachment. OMFG! This is insane!

What the hell?

Holy shit, still 0-0
Okay, this is a good match now

I see players going into the penalty area too soon again, but when Spain misses he doesn't retake it. The goalie makes a penalty right after that and doesn't whistle. Motherf*cker.

WTF? Now Xabi misses... And there was a foul on Fabregas not called. WTF?

Wow, Cesc was taken down in the box. Replay was clear as day!

Holy crap, can't get more exciting than that.

I feel sorry for Spain. I'm sorry but that pulled back penalty against Spain was sort of bullshit. They had nothing to do with the play and that is NEVER called unless it affects the play. Also, Cesc was definitely taken down. Poor refereeing, but still dramatic as hell and makes for good tv!

When Paraguay missed, the ref should have asked for a retake, too.

They are even, so where's the problem?

Yep, agreed. Both teams got ****ed up there. Should probably be 1-1 as a fair result.

0-0 is also fair.

It's a retake if offensive team scores on the PK but encroaches.

Neither encroachment affected the penalty kick. The first, they encroached as he shot but he put it into Casillas' arms and he held into it.
The only time encroachment should be called is when the keeper spills it.
Rules are rules but common sense should prevail.

Iniesta, you motherf*cker. Brilliant run!
And Villa Maravilla finishes
Another sore throat.

Goal Villa! Wow, almost missed twice.

Yes! I love you all! David Villa!

What a lucky, well-taken goal!

Hits the post twice. A third including Pedro's shot. Wow.

You can't say Spain doesn't deserve this, only enemies of football will be cheering for Paraguay.

Congratulations everyone! Justice served and we finally broke this dreaded quarterfinal-curse.

I fixed it for you

The curse was in full effect today, but it broke down the third time the ball hit the post.

About f-ing time!
San Iker in full fx.
Villa Maravilla legend!

I definitely agree

Congratulations, guys! I haven't looked forward to a match this much in years. Here's hoping for a clean and entertaining game

Thanks! Finally a team that attacks, should be a good match. Hopefully with the same outcome as 2008

Lucky blue jerseys! Euro title 1964! Semifinals 2010!

And then final and World Cup 2010.

I've said this so many times: Silva is overrated. I really don't know what people see in him. I mean, I do, he's a good player, but he's nowhere near the 33 million fee he just commanded.

This could have been said by me. 

Nadal won Wimbledon 2008, Spain won Euro 2008. Nadal wins Wimbledon 2010, Spain...

I have faith for Torres in the next match. There, I said it

Brave man I admire it, even if I disagree. But I hope Torres plays well.
One thing is for sure: Torres couldn't outplay Villa even if Villa carried a donkey on his shoulders.

Hahaha xD

Villa is far better than Torres. He is playing with Spain since 2005, and has scored 43 goals. Torres is playing with Spain since 2003/2004, and had scored 24 goals. Torres has a very poor promedy of goals per match. And if he scores against Germany, he will continue being a mediocre player that has disappeared during four matches Spain had to win to arrive in the semifinal.

How cool is Del Bosque? Loved his reaction after the first goal was scored.

How else should he react?

I'm confident in our national team, and I'm sure Euro 2008 will be a factor here. Once Spain starts pressuring they'll start playing not to lose and concede. This will be a tough match, but the hunger of the Spanish can not be measured. I predict Spain fighting tooth and nail for a 1-0 victory.

This match could be a cracker. The Spanish team is very highly regarded in Germany, and you gave us a proper lesson two years ago. Let's hope this match lives up to its promise, and that both teams play in a positive spirit. Naturally, I'm absolutely delighted with our performance in this World Cup, and that won't change should La Furia Roja prove to be too much for us at this stage.
Good luck

Again, here's hoping for a fair and entertaining match. May the best team win
Whatever happens, we have a lot of respect for your team and your style of play.

Go, Spain! I wanted this to be a World Cup for a team to lift it for the first time, and will root for any team left that can fulfill that.

Well, that wish will come true.

I like our chances against Germany, we've beat them in the Euro final and I'm convinced we can do it again. After the match when they interviewed Villa, he said he is positive the Germans are not happy about having to face Spain, and that he looks forward to the match. Iniesta said they finally face a team that will engage Spain, he smiled and said the match will be a lot of fun.
My prediction is 1-0 Spain, but in no way will I be shocked if Germany wins. The only thing I feel strongly about is the winner of Germany vs. Spain will win the world cup. 
I will still be proud of Spain if they do not make the final, we had an incredible run, a historic performance, and everything to gain. Spain has given us 4 years of joyful attacking football, and I will be forever proud. I really want Spain to lift the cup, to take England's place as a serious contender for every World Cup. With this win we'll shake off the negative stigma, and gain the winning mentality we desperately need.

Spain 1-0.

Spot on!

Alright guys, you're in luck. Paul has chosen Spain.
The last time we played, he chose Germany though.

Why worry, Paul the octopus has already decided

I still think this match is a 1-0 match. Still don't know who wins

Listen to the octopus

My heart is aching and I want this to be over already, I hope it's in our favour.

Torres finally benched. With the talent Spain have on the bench it shouldn't have taken this long.

Fantastic pass from Pedro there, and a great save by the German keeper.

Spain is godly.

Puyol, so close!

Really, Ramos? You're going to take that glorious ball and splooge it into the stadium seats?

What is the crucial difference tonight?
(Hint: rhymes with "Out-of-Form-ando Hasn't-scored-es")

Hahaha xD

Pedro is a headless chicken on the pitch.

Clear penalty for Germany.

Amazing play by Pedro, deserved a better finish.

If Fabregas was at the end of the pass, he would have buried it without any problems, same as the second shot just now.

You sure of that?

They've played a good match. They just need to shoot already.

Wow, Spain. Like three chances.

Really poor defending. Golden opportunities missed by Spain there.
Good save initially by Neuer though.

Spain, you may not get another chance like that! Damn!

Villa went slow-mo at just the wrong moment.

Villa needs to step up for Spain, as he's done in previous matches.

OK, that looked like a penalty.

Casillas saves the match.

Constant pressure had to pay of eventually.

Tarzan finally breaks the deadlock. Well played, Spain!

Great header by Puyol, who was born on the same day as me.
Will I be a hero today, too?

What a beast! Puyol would have sent Piqué into the net along with the ball if he needed to.

Lol xD

Amazing header. Unstoppable.

Villa looks tired, but no way I'd sub Torres in for him.

I would never sub him off.

Incredible waste by Pedro there.

The headless chicken strikes again.

Looks like it's going to be my two European favourite sides against each other in the final. Interesting.

Congrats guys! Well done!

Congratulations, guys. You are deserved finalists. Best of luck. No shame in losing to a great team like you.

My heart ist still aching, I almost cried when Puyol scored! It's not over yet, this won't mean anything if we don't beat Holland

Congratulations on your deserved win and luck be with you in the final

That damn counter is a shame. It's all people will remember from the match by Pedro. He was fantastic out there today, he should start on Sunday.

Congrats on a well deserved win. You were clearly better yesterday - again. No offense to our Dutch neighbours, but I'll be rooting for you in the final

Ladies and Gentleman: We shall have a new champion!

Guaranteed new champion. That's great! Also the teams I predicted and most wanted to play in the final.

All hail Paul the oracle!

I'm glad to see that one of the countries that have been so important will finally get the maximum price. 

Spain vs. Netherlands final.
The two best teams in overall history probably to never have won the World Cup.
Both are underachievers. 

No one can deny that Spain fully deserved this victory. Congratulations. Between Spain and the Netherlands, there will be a new World Cup title holder. And I strongly suspect that Spain will be the side to lift the trophy, with the Netherlands ending up with their third runner-up finish.
The Germans obviously have a lot to be proud of as well. They gave some of the best performances in this tournament and showed good football along the way.

Still the best team in the world. A deserved win for the absolutely invincible Spain.

80-year old spell has finally been broken:
No Italy, Argentina, Germany or Brazil in the final.
For the first time ever.
May the best team win.

This is a very interesting final, the two biggest underachievers in world football have the chance to finally win the World Cup.
I hope Spain wins, teaching the Dutch that abandoning a noble tradition isn't as awarding as you think.
Congrats to Spain on the win today, they're obviously an epicly talented unit. I just don't understand the negativity towards the Germans, they've been the most exciting team (imo) in an otherwise mostly heartless World Cup.

Spain definitely deserved the win. The Germans relied too much on counterattacks. Spain was extremely careful at the backend. What a fabulous game to watch though.
Pedro should be slapped in the face for his selfish football.

I guess he slaps himself more than enough in the face for it. No words are necessary, neither from any team manager nor player. And he won't do it again. Never ever.

But he will!

Torres hasn't been able to find his full rhythm since the injury and Pedro might have lost his trust in Fernando in that situation.

Who knows, maybe he would have missed...

I think it's now or never for La Furia Roja. It's hard to imagine them ever having another team as talented and accomplished than the one they have now.

I can't wait to see this match. Different styles and two excellent European teams with fantastic individual talents. Hopefully it will be open and they will prove to be evenly matched. Best of luck to both teams

This is probably the last World Cup for David Villa, Alonso, Puyol, Capdevila and Xavi. All of which have been instrumental in their team's success, especially Xavi and Villa. I'd be depressed if they retire empty-handed.

It looks as though Holland will be the designated home side, which means that Spain will likely wear their blue shirts once again. Holland all orange and Spain all blue will be my guess.

Thanks for the footballing masterclass last night. It made me happy.
You fully deserve a star on your shirts. Holland are a far-cry from total voetbal and rather fortunate to be in the final. You have real quality.
Make sure Van Bommel doesn't injure any of your players
I hope you win. Vamos España!

Hopefully Villa will make use of that makeshift defense and score to stay top goal scorer at least.
We need to be wary of Robben's curling long shots. I haven't really watched Holland's matches in the World Cup to be honest, so not sure what to expect.
I'm not sure about us wearing the away kit. Although the final of 2008 was in away kit, so who knows, as long as we play the same or even better than last night. We can wear pink for all I care.

I'd like to see that

Paul has chosen! Holland doesn't need to show up.

Not to mention, of those seven goals, five came from one player, Villa. Shut him down and your odds improve significantly, no?

Spain has confirmed that they will be playing in all-blue in the final, that was the same uniform as in the Paraguay match. However, the team also announced that in the event they win the final they will change tops and will be wearing the Furia Roja kit when presented with the World Cup trophy.

I have to say, this is practically a dream final. Dutch and Spanish footballing nations frustrated forever at WC stage have a shot at the glory. So much at stake for both teams/nations. I can't bear to see losers after the match...
Also, Sneijder vs. Villa is a dream match as well. Two short and super talented players carrying their teams with 5 goals each... Who will score and lead the nation to victory?

I seriously cannot wait for this match. It's as if I'm a Dutch or Spaniard myself, my two favourite nations meeting for the first time in a World Cup final! Ever since I can remember I've been rooting for these two countries and time to time again they would crash out disappointingly (except of Euro 2008). I don't even know who I want to win, I guess Spain but just by a hair since they would achieve the rare feat of an international double but I wouldn't be mad if the Netherlands won.

Has anyone been considering the possibility that the octopus has been wrong every single match? I mean he could have been predicting the loser of all those matches and got it wrong all the time.


Good luck to both teams! If it's possible to want either team to win, then that's the situation I'm in. Bring on the game!

I don't think there could've been a better final match up for this World Cup. No huge favourites, no previous winners and two excellent styles of play.

No doubt, this should be a good match...

I totally agree and as has been stated before, it's the first time ever that there's been no Argentina, Brazil, Italy or Germany in a WC final. Long overdue imho. Also there's the Villa vs. Sneijder Golden Boot factor.

Sergio Ramos almost scores.

Villa! So close.

Yeah :/

Now THAT is a bad tackle! Could have broken Iniesta's leg.

I can't believe it! A yellow card for Van Bommel?

OMG, Van Bommel actually got a card o.O
What a tackle it was, he was lucky not to get a red.

It's yellow fever out there!

That's a pure red.

Wow, that was a nasty foul. What a stupid challenge!

De Jong should be off! Kung-fu kick is bullshit X(

What the hell are the Dutch thinking?

Lol, this reminds me of the Portugal-Holland match. Everyone beating the crap out of everybody.

It's getting closer to the Battle of Nuremberg part 2.

Should have been a red. Damn, that was dangerous.

Yeah, the Battle of Nuremberg.
This is going to become the Battle of Johannesburg.

Lmao, what if the ball had gone in, do they allow Spain to score?

That didn't even look dangerous imo.

I think the ref is doing a great job, all those yellow cards were proper calls (even though a few deserved red). But this is the World Cup final, you can't give a red card that early.

If I was sitting in the stadium right now, I'd boo each player off the field for the half-time break.

Only the Dutch.

The foul by De Jong was a red card D:

Sad to say that karate kicks and thigh kicks have been the highlights so far.

The best short-passing team in the world against the best hacking team doesn't necessarily make for an entertaining match.
Although I don't like to see a red card in the final, the Dutch are lucky to be playing with eleven men. The two yellow cards for Spain, although not entirely undeserved, were harsh. The three yellow cards for Holland were fully deserved and two of them could have been red cards, one of them should have been.

Well, imagine yourself out there on the field. Representing your country, one of the top footballing countries that has never won the World Cup. You're there, about to obtain the dream of generations. Your name will be in history, as either a hero or a villain. A full fifth of human race is watching you. And you're a young guy, in your 20s.
I mean, honest, who wouldn't crack under the pressure?

Well said

Wow, Robben, that was shit.

Casillas with the game saving save.

He deserves a statue in the center of Madrid.

Outstanding save.

Villa in the close-up looked like the rabbit from Duracell.

Hehehe :'D

Villa, what the ****, how do you miss that? Unforgivable, man.

Just sad

How did Villa not finish that?

If you watch the replay, I don't even think that shot was headed for a goal... which is sad.

What an awful miss by Ramos. Incredible!

I don't blame Iniesta, he obviously had enough of Van Bommel's antics.

Why doesn't Iniesta shoot? Come on, SHOOT!

Wow, if Robben had actually dived...

What the ****, that wasn't a penalty.

How selfish from Fabregas.

Pedro 2.0. How does nobody mention what he did again in the first half?

Cesc should have passed to Villa on that one.

Pedro too. Villa even waved at him.

Iniesta ffs. Villa is open.

For the third time. I'd be pissed if I were him.

Iniesta is scared to shoot.

Wow! I thought that went in.

Most people did.

Finally someone shoots. Spain are coming alive now. I think they will take it.

Torres in for Villa?
Now I don't get it.

Me neither X(

Villa off 15 minutes before penalties?

That was just plain stupid.

Red! Knew that was coming.

OH MY GOD! Hopefully this is it.

Um, gol
I'm going to have no voice this entire week.

Well taken goal.

Finally a goal Iniesta after failing to shoot finally makes amends. Was it offside though? Not even close.

This is a too emotional moment. Casillas can't contain himself! He's going to lift the futha muckin' World Cup.
The red shirts are coming out

Yes, this is the happiest day of my life!
Campeones at last!

Congrats, guys!
You are now the World Champions!
This must be the greatest moment of your life.

Congrats! I'm so happy for Spain and especially for Iniesta! The Dani Jarque tribute was really touching.

Congratulations and thank you for saving us from what could have been the biggest travesty if the thugs in orange would have won this. I've never seen such a display of butchery in my life! I was completely disgusted! The fact that Spain didn't retaliate is a miracle in itself.
Anyway, thank you once again and enjoy the well earned victory.

No time for losers cause we are the champions of the world.
I can't wait to get that jersey with a star as well. It did look odd when I saw it after the match. I guess I'll have to get used to it.

It looked empty without the star.

Congrats, Spain. Well deserved victory. Beauty killed the beast.

Spain is France ten years ago, Euro and WC titles back to back, congrats to the Spanish.

Spain Euro Champions 2008
Spain World Champions 2010
Congrats, Spain. You're now joining the elite of football. See you in 2012/2014 defending your title

It would have been an insult to so many great Dutch teams in the past if this Dutch side has won a championship the others had failed to win. This was one of the least deserving Holland teams in memory, playing unattractive football and relying on hacking and thuggery to stay in the game against their most serious opponents. 
Spain, on the other hand, is simply the most talented team in the world across the board: from goalie, to defense, midfield and offense, and their bench. Their "Tiki Taka" is the kind of football that very few teams can even attempt in exhibition, much less pull off against top teams at the World Cup. To be sure, every tactic has a counter tactic and Spain's Tiki Taka can at times be frustrated and we didn't always see Spain's full potential and capability in this World Cup. Still, to somehow suggest that they didn't deserve their championship is bizarre. If not Spain, then who? And the answer can't be Holland! That would be ridiculous.

Congratulations to Spain, the team that played the best football of the World Cup. Who cares that they didn't play a brilliant tournament and demolish teams? It takes balls to win the World Cup, and they had them, moreso after their unfortunate start.
Well deserved for Spain for what they've done in the past decade. They have been one of the most, if not the most, entertaining teams to watch since the Euro 2000. A talented team with great unit, work ethic, and a coach as humble as he is wise. A world title long overdue for a nation that lives and breathes football, and has suffered so many disappointments in the past. Viva España!

World Cup 2014

Because of television demands that one team plays in dark kits and the other wears light colours, FIFA have announced that Spain are to wear an all-white kit against Holland (who will be dressed in blue) and informed kit-supplier Adidas who had originally submitted all-black and all-red kits for the tournament.
RFEF have appealed to FIFA for a change to all-red. Good luck with that.

All-black and orange could have been the perfect solution.

I don't see anything wrong with that if it gets us an all-white second kit instead of the black one. FIFA might be helping our federation to get a kit that won't make our players feel like cooked lobsters in the Brazilian sun.

Imo, black > white. The white ones were so ugly.

It will be a scrappy 0-0 or 1-1, sadly.

That would've been a better result than the real one.

This will be a tough match. I can see a tie. We need to win this group, don't want to play Brazil in the first KO match.
As far as jerseys go, we can't wear red while they wear blue? Come on, is anyone really going to get confused?

Wow, no Villa? Xavi and Silva starting together? And Xabi playing? Interesting stuff!

Biggest mistake!

San Iker once again to the rescue against Robben!

What the hell was Costa doing with the ball in the box?

Seriously, bring in Villa already. Plain horrible attempt.


Silva should have shot himself instead of passing to Costa.

I horribly misunderstood that :'D

Xabi Alonso, slam that futha mucka in, dammit!

Set up by Diego Costa

If this leads to Costa getting subbed off, it might not be such a bad thing. Silver linings and such.

Nothing San Iker could do on that one. What the hell was Ramos doing?

Right, Costa off, Torres on.

No, Villa!

Costa needs to get substituted ASAP!

And they left Villa on the bench for him X(

Casillas, you're so much better than that. Jeez...

Lol, Torres still missed it. Great selection job for strikers, Del Bosque.

I think I just shed a tear. Seriously.

We just need to win. Goal difference be damned.

This guys gave us three trophies in a row. The best six to eight years in our history. I feel like they're entitled to **** up like they did yesterday without losing our support. Shit happens and this is life, you can't win all the time. I could care less if we exit early, I'm still going to support these guys.

I'd rather see Villa in there before el niño.

Off: Costa, Xabi Alonso
On: Villa, Koke

Well guys, that was quite a ride.

It's now or never in the next 45 minutes!

How did Busquets miss this?

Damn, the ball will just not go in!

It just did not go right this WC. Thank you Luis Aragones, VdB and the numerous players who brought home the Euro 2008 trophy, the World Cup 2010 trophy and the Euro 2012 trophy. It was quite a ride that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.

Whenever a great dynasty ends like this it's always very sad. I can't imagine the despair players like Iniesta, Ramos or Casillas are going through right now. It is definitely a disappointing ending to such a great generation. So far this Spanish generation are undoubtedly the most talented/successful one yet in history of football. You have to wonder if we will ever see players like Iniesta or Xavi play together again after this. Hope Spain can end this tournament on a high note and give the older players one final game to play with each other.

Looks like Spain will be wearing the all-black kit against Australia

It took me days to recover. Amazing how a World Cup can depress you so much.
I guess we need to win so we're not the worst team of the tournament.

I never recovered... And I'm not even Spanish.

I still haven't recovered. It's depressing seeing some of the other matches knowing you've been eliminated. 

So VdB and Cesc had some issues during training?
I personally feel Cesc should have played a lot more. VdB really made some bad choices with his line-up for the first two matches.

Nice goal by Villa on a great pass by Juanfran.

Nice goal? It was beautiful!

9th World Cup goal from him as well.

Sadly not his 10th...

Villa has done more in 30 minutes than Costa and Torres in 180 combined. Shocker!

DB ****ed up on this one. I would have reverted to Villa on the first half of the first match. He waited till the last match unfortunately. 
I also would have started with Juanfran on day one.

This! Absolutely nothing to add!

Llorente would have been as useless as Costa.
We need a Villa type of player!

Llorente is technically better than Costa on the ball.
But Villa should have been first choice imo, or Cesc as a false nine.

And he takes out Villa? It's his last game in a useless match. God damn, DB!


Villa off and there ends his international career! Gracias David por todo!

I guess we won't be scoring any more goals tonight.

Villa apparently crying on the bench. Moronic to bench him in a match that was his last for us, simply moronic.

He shouldn't have been on the bench at all...

Look who scored!  

Great pass from Cesc and a cool finish from Mata.

Goodbye World Cup and even more heartbreaking goodbye Villa


I lost a lot of respect for DB today. Subbing Villa was an asshole move.

Yeah, it didn't make sense. Figured he'd go all 90, and get a proper sent off.

That's what he would've deserved. And a 10th WC goal as well.

That is shameful by Del Bosque!

Del Bosque, you stupid, stupid idiot! We could have been the ones advancing. You don't have a clue anymore. This should have been your last match X(
Thank you, amazing Villa. Thank you for everything <3