Football Q and A

What was your first football experience?

- That was the World Cup in 2006.

What do you watch?

- The main tournaments, World Cup and Euro, probably a qualifying match and now the Nations League. League matches don't interest me much.

How many tournaments have you watched?

- Seven. Four World Cups (2006 - 2018) and three Euros (2008 - 2016)

Favourite team?

- Spain 2008-2014

Favourite player?

- DV7 from said team.

Favourite tournament?

- By far the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Favourite moment?

- When Spain won the World Cup.

Favourite match?

- Euros: I think it's the quarterfinal match Russia against the Netherlands 2008.
World Cup: It's the match France against Argentina in the most recent World Cup (2018) That was epic. Russia against Saudi Arabia is not far behind.

Favourite goal?

- The first one in the match Spain against Australia in the World Cup 2014. Golazo (as they say in Spain)